Thursday, August 03, 2006


Who is the most important person in our lives? When we think about answering this question, a lot of names come to mind. If one has children, it is almost automatic to think about them when we are asked that question. If one does not have children, then the parents, significant others, or other influential people in our lives automatically pop up. For some strange reason we don’t think about our own self when answering that question; at least that answer has not come up too often when I have asked.

I am the most important person in my life, and as such, I have to spend time, not only grooming and caring for my body, but also nurturing my soul, challenging my mind, strengthening my spirit, and taking the necessary steps to be in harmony with the people and things that surround me and that matter to me. To love one self is not to be selfish; to be selfish is to impose onto others for them to love us only the way we want. To love oneself is the first step into being able to love others with an open heart, with understanding, with full devotion by giving them the best of us, and not by giving them all of us without having paid the same respect and attention to our own nature as we do to them . Our love for others is somewhat incomplete if we cannot love our own selves, and it makes sense, how can we love others fully and give them the best love we have when we cannot love the person we are?

To love oneself is to be able to be in sync with all the aspects that comprise what we are, including our relationships and love for others. To love oneself is to know our strengths, celebrate our humanity, accept our flaws and work to strengthen our weaknesses without trying too hard to achieve perfection, because we understand that there is no such thing. To love oneself is to give others the gift of our best state, our best companionship, our best relationship, the best way we can in a way that suits ourselves and the other person.

We are the most important person is our own life and we should treat ourselves as such. Enjoy this thought by Anne Morrow Lindbergh:

When one is a strange to oneself, then
One is estranged from others too.
If one is out of touch with oneself, then
One cannot touch others.

I hope you have a great time getting to know and spend time with the most important person in your life: you!


amelche said...

Yes, we always forget about ourselves. I wouldn't have answered "me" either.

Anonymous said...

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vladiktheman said...

I had an assignment in my English writing class "Describe a person important in your life". I had no idea what to write because there are to many people that I know are important to me in their own way. This article saved my life because I am the most important person in my life!