Wednesday, April 28, 2010


How long does it take for an individual to trespass his/her own limitations? How long can we hold on to old pains, heartaches, fears, frustrations, denials, and unhappiness? The truth is there is no formula for determining how long a human being can live with unpleasant feelings. It is all about personal preference. It is all about decision.

Our lives are based on an unlimited number of decisions we must make every second of our existence. For example, we get up at a certain time everyday. Some can argue most must get up at a certain time to comply with work obligations; however, the truth is every morning there is an element of decision involved in getting up at a certain time. We might feel we must get up to go to work, but in fact, we have the choice to get up and go to work. In most cases we are aware of the consequences of our decisions. For instance, not getting up in time to get to work at a certain hour might cause us a sanction. Of course, there are events in life we cannot predict that might force us to make choices we otherwise would not. For example, we get up in time to go to work, but we are faced with an accident on the road that makes us be late for work. The truth is we have no way of having been able to predict the accident on the road. We can only decide how to react to those unexpected events in life. As not everything in life is predictable or within our control, we can make a conscious decision about how to deal with, cope with, or face the uncontrollable. We can make decisions when faced with those life-changing events that come our way without warning. We can decide to stay optimistic, learn from our experiences, and move on quickly. We can decide to let life continue with our best face and attitude. Attitude is a decision. Happiness is a decision. The timing to cross the threshold between self pity and the determination to move forward is a decision for us to make.

I understand I have less time on earth than before. Everyday, every hour, every minute, every second of my existence is subtracted from the sum of all the time I do not know I have left to live. Therefore, I am making a decision to live happier and letting go of grudges in less time than before. With practice, I might never hold on to resentment and fear again, or at least, minimize their time within me. It will take practice and my decision to live happily, in spite of it all. I can be certain of one thing: at least I will be happier, longer.