Wednesday, February 01, 2012

A New Era

Dear friends:

A new era has come, figuratively and literally.  The information era is here and with it, many different forms of communicating and staying in touch.  Now, easier than ever, people can express themselves through the virtual space in which distances are shortened and time is redefined.  In that space, almost all of us are.

I have a Facebook account.  In it, most of my friends share my space and my time. I recently updated my LinkedIn profile, and I am beginning a blog in Voxxi, a new multimedia magazine for acculturated Latinos.  The new year has started busy and promising.  Visit me in my new spaces:, Facebook, and LinkedIn. I am sure I will add a Twitter account one of these days as well...if I have time! 

Lets convene in the virtual space that allows us to stay close and develop our dialogues even further.  I will still visit Blogger from time to time but my work at DoctorWrite ( and my other social websites keep me quite busy. To see my latest published book, visit and see my poetry book, DESNUDA (in Spanish).  Lets stay in touch!

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