Monday, August 20, 2012

Where are the Women?

Where are the women?

As recent as yesterday, the attacks on women’s rights continues through the moronic words of GOP ‘s Representative and Senate candidate Todd Akin regarding “legitimate rape” and pregnancy and giving women more power to beat up husbands during divorce if the definitions of rape are not changed. I am not only appalled by his comments, I watch in horror as the whole country seems to be reversing to the dark ages when it comes to women and our rights. I have two interesting questions: (1) Who elects these officials? And (2) Why?

It is concerning and deeply disturbing to see that the mindset of many at the GOP are congruent with representative Akin’s views. It is even more disturbing to see how our votes have put those individuals there or have even allowed them to be in the race. Don’t we know better? Haven’t we learned? Have we no value for women in this country?

Many would argue that women in other countries are plagued with inequality and dangerously live under misogynistic regimes. But in reality, women in this country live under the umbrella of a controlling group of men, supported by brain-washed women that, justified by their beliefs and political ideologies, blindly follow a path of destruction for women. My question is will we all unite and stand against these ideals or will we let them prevail and doom us?

I hope women realize that there is a lot at stake in this next election. Regardless of political ideologies, women rights are human rights. And women rights will only be protected and won by women.

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